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Second spin in my Avia Avi-Motions

by Heel Shields

The wind stopped howling and the temperature went up a few degrees so me an my Avi-Motions decided to go for another spin.  Did I mention how comfortable the shoe is.  When you put the shoe on you want to walk because they feel so good.  Well, you know the last time I got in around a hour – maybe.  NOT THIS TIME!Avia Avi Motion 3999endlessdotcom_thumb

My Avi-Motions, took me on quite a walk –  over an hour out.  The walk was so easy I lost track of time – it was only the land markers that kept me from going too far.  All in All, I probably walked close to three hours. 

So how did my legs do – really well.  NO soreness.  NO pain.  How did my feet do – GREAT! NO soreness and NO pain.  With my NB (New Balance) walking shoes I would have issues with my feet the entire time walking.  I would have to try an adjust my toes while walking.  My feet wouldn’t hurt (they just kinda hurt) but they didn’t feel good. The shoes before the NB’s (Nike) were worse got blisters on my toes and bruised the nail on my big toe.  With the Avia Avi-Motions my feet felt good during and after walking – that’s batting 1000 in my book.

I do wonder if my legs should have some soreness?

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