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Serena Williams and her $4,000 Louboutin’s

by Heel Shields

Have you ever seen a headline about a shoe and clicked over to see the article only to be disappointed that there is NO picture of the shoe.  I hate shoe articles that talk about a pair of shoes and never show the shoe.  Then you have to spend hours on the internet trying to find the shoe.  Usually with no success.

I also hate it when an article highlights a shoe without telling you the designer.  Now of course that is not the case with this post about this shoe.  Another Beautiful Christian Louboutin and this picture is from the “Beauty And The ” Blog.  christian-louboutin-decora-pumps-serena-williams-beauty-and-the-beat-blog

So, in case you heard about Serena’s $4,000 shoe and the red dress she wore on the David Letterman Show, here is the red dress.  Serena likes a red dress and she always looks GREAT in them 

serena-williams-victoria-beckham-red-dress-david-letterman-2012-beauty-and-the-beat-blogSerena Williams 4K Louboutins

If you look at the full-sized picture, Serena’s legs probably look a little off.  Serena has an athletes tan – light feet and dark legs caused by wearing socks and  sports shoes.

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