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Shoes are not like Groceries

by Heel Shields

Do you sometimes feel at the Grocery Store that some of the sale items are being featured with the hope that they will sell before they stink up the store. 

Well, I just got an email from Neiman Marcus about the 7 shoes I needed for a well-rounded wardrobe.  Mind you I get lots of email from Neiman Marcus.  I signed up on their website for a contest sometime ago and I get multiple emails per week.  And, that is usually okay because the emails are for Christian Louboutin’s, Brian Atwood’s, Jimmy Choo’s and other beautiful designer shoes. 

The shoes featured for the 7 shoe needed for a well rounded wardrobe didn’t even look like shoes Neiman Marcus would normally carry. 

This email was just wrong on all accounts.  The shoes that were featured were uninspired and unattractive – so much so that Neiman Marcus even agreed that they needed to get rid of the page.  Hence the message being displayed when I went back to get pictures for this article. 

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