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Shoes on the View

by Heel Shields

It was a really weird day for shoes/fashion on the view today.  I don’t know if you read my last article about the shoes on The View. if not, here is a short synopsis of the shoes that day.  

Well, Whoopi had on platform boots, Elizabeth had on reruns, Laurence Fishburne had on hunky boots and PreJean had on a fabulous pump.  And, I mentioned that I would start watching The View every day to see if Elizabeth woiuld again were the same beige jeweled peep toe pumps.

Well today, I had a hard time seeing what anyone had on.  It was like they were trying to hide the shoes. In fact, it seemed that Elizabeth had on the same beige jeweled peep toe pumps but they were hidden under the table all day.  Weird – do you think someone on the show read my Blog just before the show started and the shoes were hidden on purpose?  And, I was never quite able to see exactly what Whoopi had on today either.  Anyway, can’t say for sure if Elizabeth had on the reruns again – watching tomorrow. 

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