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Stay away from Whooga boots – Uggs they are NOT!

by Heel Shields

If you remember, I got my Whooga boots.  Last year someone from Whooga contacted me about their boots.  Since I make contact that way on the internet I felt it would only be fair to support their efforts.  So, when I got ready to get boots for the winter snow, I thought I would give them a chance.

The Whooga Website gives the impression that the boots are made in a locally in their factory. Turns out that is not the case.  I was shocked when I saw the mailing label was written in  Kanji.  However, the misleading information is a concern – what else is not going to be true.  

I didn’t pick a traditional styled Ugg boot – the style I picked had a small heel.  The boot I received had something I didn’t expect – stitching  on the top front of the boot  My initial reaction was – cool.  My daughter’s old Uggs don’t have this stitching and are really out of shape.  Unfortunately this stitching is a problem if the boots don’t fit perfectly, because the stitching will keep the boots from giving enough to keep them from hurting your toes. whooga boot

And I know this because, even though I ordered my true size the boots are uncomfortable.  The boots hurt my feet.  Additionally, the lining under my foot is pilling (making a clump behind the toes), making the boots even more uncomfortable.  And, just in case you don’t know, pilling is a characteristic of ‘MAN-MADE-FIBERS!’  One MORE OBSERVATION  that is also a little strange – the boots are black on the outside, black on the inside with white innersoles.

I wore my Whooga with tights the second time to a brunch function.  During the brunch, I noticed that my tights were inching down every time I stood up (I was seated most of the time).  If you have never had this experience, let me tell you it is very uncomfortable to think your hose are going to slide off while you are walking.  It probably looks strange from behind too.  When I was able to check  I found that the boots were making my tights inch down( another sign of MAN-MADE FIBER) – there was more tight in the boots than on my rear.  When I got home, I left the tights on and walked around for the remain of the evening to see if the US Uggs would do the same thing – eat my tights.  Well, I am happy to report that the US Uggs did not attack my tights. 

Of course at this time even if it wasn’t  too late to return the boots, their return policy doesn’t allow for a refund – so why bother. 

If you remember the other posts about this company, I included a hyperlink back to their site.  Since I can no longer recommend this product, I am not going to include any hyperlinks that would help others get taken by this company.  So far my experience with companies in Australia (as I watch the Australian Open) have been similar to the experiences others have had with their experiences with Nigeria – BAD NEWS.

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