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Stretch Your Shoes Without Even Trying

by Heel Shields

We have all purchased a shoe that was just a little too small.  You know – the shoe you fall in love with and the store has sold out of  the size you should buy.  But you BUY a pair any way – even though it is a tight fit.

Most of the time your salesman will tell you he can stretch the shoe a little so it will fit and relieve that really tight feeling.  So you buy the shoes and come back a few days later to get your nicely stretched NON-RETURNABLE shoes. 

When you get home, yes the shoe is a little better fit, but still not quite comfortable enough for all-day wear. 

Now what do you do.  Put on a pair of socks and wear the shoes around the house – ONLY!  The sock will stretch the leather.  Sometimes you may have to wet the leather a little (not soak) to coax the leather to stretch even more. 

Socks and shoes are (IN MY OPINION) a CRIME against fashion and all things beautiful about shoes and legs. sock and shoes Acrobats of God The same way athletic shoes destroy an outfit, socks can make even the most beautiful shoe look crappy.  So when the style mavens say socks and shoes are the new trend for the season, all I think about is how my leather shoes will be stretched out of shape and be too big to wear alone or with hoseChristian Louboutin Coussin Caged Booties with socks

So, if you LOVE a pair of shoes that fit, DON’T, I repeat, DON’T wear them with socks. 

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