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The #1 Shoe For Driving!

by Heel Shields

I LOVE shoes and this is my EXPERT opinion – Shoes make the outfit.  If you put on an athletic shoe with a skirt or dress,  it REALLY doesn’t matter how much the skirt or dress costs the look is crappy – PERIOD.

PUT on a pair of fabulous shoes  (like these Prada’s) Prada Multi Strap Pump 850 with a $5 dress and you look FABULOUS!

The best driving shoes ARE the shoes that match your outfit.  AND that is where Heel Shields come in.  With a Heel Shield you can wear the shoe that matches your outfit and not worry about ruining your matching shoe while driving.  No more forgetting to change out of the Oh So Unattractive driving shoes.  back of Tods Heaven Lacetto Drivers425

DOES that driving shoe match anything in your wardrobe?  

When you use Heel Shields, any shoe. can be your driving shoe  (and you know changing an Over-The-Knee bootChristian Louboutin OTK black stilleto heel into a “driving shoe” in the car can be really, really tricky.)  Even this Balenciaga Beauty could be your driving shoe. Balenciaga_bigger The point is:  With Heel Shields you drive worry free in your favorite shoe without having to worry about changing your shoes or keeping your foot on the towel.

Heel Shields are the ANSWER.  Heel Shields make your favorite shoe  the BEST DRIVING SHOE IN THE WORLD, because Heel Shields let you wear any shoe you want.  Get a Heel Shield and drive 100% Scuff Free Guaranteed.

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