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The BEST Driving Shoes in the WORLD!

by Heel Shields

Now you have to understand, I LOVE shoes and this is my EXPERT opinion – Shoes make the outfit.  If you put on an athletic shoe with a skirt or dress,  it REALLY doesn’t matter how much the skirt or dress costs the look is crappy – PERIOD.  HOWEVER, you can put on a pair of $4700 shoes  (like these Valentino’s) 4700 valentino lace court shoe onafoot_thumb with a $5 dress and look FABULOUS! 

The best driving shoes are the shoes that match your outfit.  And that is where Heel Shields come in.  With a Heel Shield you can wear the shoe that matches your outfit without having to worry about ruining your beautiful shoe while driving.  And you also don’t have to worry about leaving the outfit matching shoes (on the passenger side or by the back seat) in the car or at home (in a bag by the door) as you do when you drive in the FUGLY shoes.     Beverly Feldman 8155 IS THIS REALLY A SHOE YOU WOULD WANT TO BE SEEN IN?

How is the footing when the shoe has numbs for a sole?  Did you know that driving shoes don’t necessarily provide arch support – is that good for your feet? 

When you use Heel Shields, THIS Guiseppe Zanotti can be your driving shoe. Guiseppe Zanotti multi color shootie  Or THIS Christian Louboutin Over-The-Knee boot can be your driving shoe Christian Louboutin OTK black stilleto heel (and you know changing an OTK boot into a “driving shoe” in the car can be really, really tricky.)  THIS white Manolo Blahnik boot could even be your driving shoe. Manolo Blahnik OTK The point is:  With Heel Shields you can drive in the shoe you are wearing without having to worry about changing your shoes. 

SO, the answer is, the BEST DRIVING SHOE IN THE WORLD, IS THE SHOE YOU WANT TO WEAR! Get your very own Heel Shield today!

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