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THE BOOT for Fall – OTK

by Heel Shields

This fall, the hot boot for the season will be the Over-The-Knee boot.  Christian Louboutin and Prada have created some “to die for” (can I still use that phrase) boots for this season.  And the Style war rages!

prada over the knee boots 2009 PRADA

Christian Louboutin OTK Christian Louboutin

As you can see, the days of “swash buckling” OTK boots is gone.  We no longer have to look like pirates.  Even though I have seen a few boots that look back towards the old style.  But here is a OTK Biker Boot even a square girl could love!

Over the knee Biker Boot side view OTK Biker Boot

Each of these boots should come with a Heel Shield!  It is impossible to take these Thousand Dollar boots off in the car in order to prevent getting Black Heel stains while driving.

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