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The Whooga’s Have (my Ugg boots) Arrived!

by Heel Shields

My Whooga Boots have arrived.  After reading all of the information about sheepskin boots, I wanted to make sure to do things right.  So, of course I got my shoe protector spray (I did buy them especially to wear in the snow) and immediately sprayed my boots as soon as I took them out of the box.  Next, after letting them dry, I sprayed them again.  Don’t want those ugly salt stains that you can’t get rid of on my boots/house shoes (remember they were originally designed as slippers to wear after surfing). Then I sprayed them one more time – hope it works. 

 ugg boots

I also ordered the boots in my normal size.  When I put my boots on, I was a little surprised at how tight they fit – really snug.  I knew they were supposed to be snug, just not as snug.  So I decided to wear them around the house to see how long it would take for the boots to stretch out.  Well, it only took a day and the boots stretched out.  So I think my Whooga’s and I are ready for the snow. 

I wanted to get a picture of my boots from the site to post with this writing, however, I couldn’t find a picture of the boot I purchased.  I guess Whooga is no longer selling the boot with the little heel.  Glad I got mine before this happened.  My feet hurt when I wear flats.

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