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This is the Heel Shield time of year! Heel Shields protect against Salty Wet Winter Heel in SNOW COUNTRY!

by Heel Shields

This is the Heel Shield time of year!  If you are reading this post you are asking yourself – what could that possibly mean.  Well, it has snowed in most parts of the country – from the mid-south to the East Coast. And, so the wet salty shoe saga begins. 

Drivers trudge through the salt laden streets and get in their cars.  Drivers also try to kick all of theHeader with Kate Spade  and Heel Shield in Use 142 snow off before getting in their car – but inevitably the car mats get soaked by the salty snow deposits.  Now, we get to the good part (for Heel Shields).  

When the snow melts the car mats are still laden with salt and when the driver turns on the heat the car mats get warm and then become damp from all of the snow that has melted and frozen into the mats.  This is where the Heel Shield comes in.  Without the Heel Shield – the salt and the dampness attacks the driver’s shoe.  After the snow is gone all of the boots and galoshes are Header with Kate Spade  and Heel Shield in Use 292 left in the house and the fancy dress shoes are back!

With the Heel Shield you don’t have to worry about your dress shoes or your car mats.  The Heel Shield can also protect your pant legs from getting salts stains if you  wear your pants long – just put the hem between the Heel Shield and the shoe and no more salty pant legs!

So, armed with your Heel Shield, you no longer have to worry about Driver’s Salty Wet Winter Heel or Driver’s Black Heel!

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