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Tin-Tin and Christian Louboutin

by Heel Shields

What do Tin-Tin and Christian Louboutin have in common you ask?  You will be completely surprised at the connection between the two that make them the subject of a post on this shoe blog.

I haven’t seen Tin-Tin – an animated feature about a young boy.  tin-tin However, the similarities between the two of them became apparent to me after watching a recent episode of Bravo Andy’s Watch What Happens Live Program

Sheree Whitfield and her hairdresser Miss Lawrence were the guests for this episode and Miss Lawrence showed off her early Christmas present – a pair of christian louboutin 2011 puck fur boot from shoerazzi dot comChristian Louboutin Boots.   And there is the similarity.  The front of the Puck Boot looks just like the hair style for Tin-Tin. 

I LOVED the Lions Paw Shoe, however, I am not sure about this boot.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think – is the Puck Boot a hit or a miss.  What I do know is the Puck Boot would need a Heel Shield to keep the hair from rubbing off while driving, just like the Lions Paw Shoe

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