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Uggs – Bet you didn’t know

by Heel Shields

Ladies, I bet you didn’t know (American Ladies that is) that Uggs were created for “after surfing.”  Uggs are not a WINTER boot after all!  Uggs are for use all year long.

Stop laughing, that is one of the myths that Whooga Boots wants to clear up.  Uggs are not for SNOW!   In fact, my take on what I read is -  Uggs are just  tall house shoes.  (I personally will be getting a new pair just for the snow in Chicago this winter.)

ugg boots

Now, let me tell you, when I first saw them I said – YIKES! BUT they look like good snow boots.  When I heard that you wear them barefoot – I really got excited because of how warm they keep your feet (real Uggs won’t stink if you keep your feet clean – NO DRIVING BAREFOOT) 

Whooga has the best price for Uggs that I have seen.  Whooga is an Australian company that ships to the US. 

One more thing I have to mention – Heel Shields will fit on your Uggs.  Using a Heel Shield when you drive will ensure you don’t get BLACK HEEL (unprotected driving syndrome) on your Uggs!

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