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What color Heel Shield should I buy?

by Heel Shields

The color of the heel shield is your personal preference.  The important thing about the heel shield is how it protects your shoes from scuffing and scarring while you drive.  The covering is just for show and logo’s. 

If you get a black heel shield and you polish your black shoes, you will have some black polish rub-off on the inside of the black heel shield.  This is only a problem if you want to use that same heel shield on a different color shoe.  Since you probably won’t notice that the polish is on the inside of the heel shield, when you take the heel shield off the colored (or white) shoe, you may think the heel shield caused the color transfer  – NOPE.  We purposely use vinyl and plastic to ensure there is NO color transfer danger to your colored or white shoes. 

AND, it is for that reason, we suggest the purchase of two heel shields – one for black shoes and one for your colored and white shoes

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