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What do you think about these Christian Louboutins?

by Heel Shields

Have you heard about Loubi’s Angels.  Well Christian Louboutin has created his own version of Charlie’s Angels and of course they are better shod.  So, what do you think of these Over the Knee boots.Loubies Angels   If you are ever in need of a little attention, all you would need to do is throw on a pair of these Christian Louboutin boots and you would have a non-stop attention getting outfit! 

Don’t forget to use your Heel Shields when you drive in these – no way you are going to take this boot off in the front seat of the car to protect it from drivers black heel scuff.  Heel Shields slide on easily whiles seated in the car and slide off before you exit the car.  Much easier than changing shoes even if you could.  Joan Rivers carries her heel shield with her when she travels and knows she is going to be driving – she loves her Chanel’s and her heel shield.

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