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What happened to the Avia Avi-Motions

by Heel Shields

What happened – first, for some reason walking for exercise is not nearly as much fun as just walking to be walking.  When you think about walking for exercise, you don’t want to do it.  But just thinking about walking along the lake – you want to do it.  Gotta change my thought process  and try to think about the fast walking as just a walk.  Plus, it got really cold.  Hate the cold weather. 

Any way, while it was warm I did go for walks along the lake and the Avi-Motions did feel really good. I had two 13,000 step days.  Let me tell you my feet hurt big time and my thighs and glutes were a little sore. 

Maybe the weather will start cooperating again and I can get a habit of walking every day.  Need to shed about 20 pounds – maybe that is why I moved to Phoenix to get away from winter weight gain.

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