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WHAT HAPPENED to the Fitness Shoe Craze

by Heel Shields

Last year Reebok and Skechers were having an all out war on fitness shoes. 

Reebok had their Easy Tone line and Skechers had their ‘natural walking’ shoe.  Every other commercial was about how this shoe would help you loose weight just by wearing them.  I was a little skeptical about how much help the shoes could provide. 

After reading the blogs – the pros and the cons.  I decided to get the natural walking model to start my fitness shoe adventure. 

At first I thought the shoes were comfortable.  After several wearings, I started to have pain in my hips, knees and feet.

After I thought about it, — I also decided it was probably dangerous to wear a shoe that would not allow you to run.  The natural walking style shoe will make you stumble trying to run in them. 

I soon found out that I was not the only one being injured by wearing the shoes.  Lots of other people were also being injured.  One woman broke both of her femur bones.  

Reebok recently settled a multi-million dollar and Sketchers is currently being sued.  I wonder if the company that manufactured the brand I purchased is providing a refund or an exchange. 

How about it Avia – are you providing a refund or exchange?


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