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What I like about “Watch What Happens Live”

by Heel Shields

One of the reasons I like Andy Bravo and the Watch What Happens Live Program is the fact that he appreciates a beautiful shoe. 

Andy always notices the shoes and gives a SHOUT OUT if the shoe is fabulous. 

Sherri Shepherd was on the show the other day and Sherri had on some fabulous Over-the-Knee Chanel Boots.  They were AMAZING. 

I saw those boots days ago and they are still on my mind.  What a boot.  And, surprising that Sherri had them on – she likes to talk about how thrifty she is and Chanel and thrift don’t meet anywhere.

Sorry about not providing a picture – I scoured the net but came up empty handed. 

Since Sherri is so thrifty, she should be a heel shield customer.  Joan Rivers wears Chanel and she uses a heel shield to protect them from the dirty shoe drama of driving. 

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