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What is it about cutouts that we love so so much?

by Heel Shields

Everywhere you look there are cutouts.  Cut out shoes, cut out jeans, cut out dress, cut out tops.  Why do we all love cutouts so so much.  Men love them because they provide just enough skin to keep the imagination working.  Women love them because they keep the men looking.  And, we love them because they look so good.  So, we continue to get new cut out tops, dresses, jeans and SHOES! 


Michael Kors Cutout Pump 735

Pictured here is the Michael Kors addition to the cutout craze.  If you have ever owned a pair of cutout shoes or sandals, you know that one of the problems with this type of shoe is the way the straps work around the baby or pinky toe.  If the straps aren’t placed just right, the pinky toe finds its way out of the straps and is pinched  when you move your feet – very uncomfortable.  This is such an uncomfortable problem that the shoes probably find their way into the trash  after only a few wearings. 

Well, it looks like Mr. Kors added extra straps where the pinky toe fits in the shoe to help keep that toe in place and the shoes comfortable to wear.  Thanks Mr. Kors.  This beauty costs over $700, so you need to be sure and wear your heel shield when you drive in this shoe.  Not only will you damage the leather, but you will have funny dirt lines on your feet. May as well spend the measly little $15.99 and save your $700 shoe. 

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