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What would you do to get a Red Sole Shoe?

by Heel Shields

If you don’t own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, have you thought about what you would do to get a pair of his shoes.

I know people who have carried fake bags and probably had other not by the original designer items in their wardrobe, but when it came to Christian Louboutin Shoes, only the REAL thing would do.  This may be because the fake Christian Louboutins also cost a bunch.

I actually thought about writing a post about  fake Louboutins (then we got  a guest post from FootCandy on the four ways to tell if your shoes are real Louboutins) and decided against it.

This post is about how to get a red sole if you can’t afford to buy Christian Louboutins.  The difference here is that you are performing the sincerest form of flattery – IMITATION.

Buy yourself a can of red cherry spray paint and tape your shoes to keep the paint off the rest of the shoe – AND SPRAY YOURSELF HAPPY!   Be sure NOT TO PAINT THE PART YOU WALK ON (if you spray that part you will stick to the ground while you walk).  Just paint the arch and if you are really adventurous, paint the front of the heel.

I hear that some people buy red shoe polish and polish the arch (I wonder how many bottles of polish are needed for two shoes).  Again – don’t polish the part you walk on.

You DO NEED TO KNOW that Christian Louboutin Connoisseurs will KNOW that you are not wearing Christian Louboutins. But there is nothing that looks as good as that red sole when you are walking away!

SO, keep saving for your first real pair of Christian Louboutins.  One of the best things about Christian Louboutin is his line of classic’s – they don’t go out of style.

AND, if you decide to go this route – enjoy your time in the spot light and be sure to get heel shields to protect your imitation’s while you drive.

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