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Whoopi in a Wedge Boot/Elizabeth in a rerun!

by Heel Shields

I got a chance to look at the view today.  And today the shoes on the show were good.  Whoopi had on a black wedge.  I love it when Whoopi wears a nice shoe.  Barbara and Joy had on sensible (not my descriptive word – borrowing from the industry) black pumps.  In fact, this seems to be their footwear of choice these days. 

Sherrie had on knee-high black boot.  Carrie Prejean wore a tan hidden platform with a 4-5 inch heel – really nice like Sherrie’s.   And, Laurence Fishburne wore a boot with  brass toes and flower patterned jeans.  I don’t usually find Laurence to be sexy, but he was hitting on all points today. 

And Elizabeth AGAIN wore a jeweled tan peep toe.  I think she really likes this shoe since I know I she has worn it before.  Now I am going to have to see the shoes every day to see how many times she wears them this season.

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