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Whoopi in Christian Louboutin’s

by Heel Shields

Whoopi spent the weekend in England doing stuff with the Queen.  And in she mentioned that in her performance she wore Christian Louboutins!  Yes, that makes me happy – every woman should own a pair of CL’s at some time in her life (I am still working on my first pair).  

Funny on the day that Whoopi mentions wearing CL’s, Elizabeth was wearing her favorite shoes – the beige jeweled peep toe pumps.  This has to be the fifth time I have seen them this season.  However, I have to admit that they are better than the brown flat boots she also likes to wear OFTEN!  Unfortunately, the brown flat boots look like she has kicked all of the leather off the toe of both boots – she needs to retire them. 

Sherri – thanks to Sherri – she again had on some fabulous boots and shoes this week.  A pair of suede CL’s and some others that I am unable to identify – but they were still very nice. 

Since the show is in New York, I wonder if any of the ladies drive?  If they do, Heel Shields would be a great item to gift them all with for Christmas.  I wonder if I sent them if they would get them? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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