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You CAN trademark a color!

by Heel Shields

It’s Official – Yves Saint Laurent has thrown in the towel and the courts have spoken.  Remember last fall when YSL produced a red suede shoe yves saint laurent red suede with red sole with a red sole. 

The idea of someone copying his trademark sole color made Christian Louboutin see RED, and he immediately filed suit against YSL to stop infringing on his color and his sales.  Christian Louboutin Bambou

A  Federal Appeals Court has ruled that yes, Christian Louboutin could trademark his color.  There was a caveat.   Anyone can make a red shoe with a matching red sole – a style issue rather than an infringement. 

So, do you think they both won?  Doesn’t matter, YSL says they are moving on from the controversy.  Dropping their countersuits, including the one against Mr. Louboutin for calling certain supplies and asking them not to sell the YSL shoe.  (Basically, it  last year’s shoe.)

Do you think the extra publicity helped or hurt YSL sales?  AND, which shoe do you like the best.  I like the Louboutin the best.  The heel says it all.

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