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Your SHOES BFF’s (Best Friends)

by Heel Shields

Yes, the title of this post is your shoes BFF’s – meaning that your shoes have at least two best friends. 

The FIRST best friend (and it should pain me to put them first, but it is the truth) is the Cobbler.

It is really important to find a good Cobbler and befriend them.  There are a lot of people (well not as many as their used to be) out there masquerading as Cobblers, however, they are just imitation shoe repair people.

A good Cobbler can fix problems, repair your favorite shoe, and even extend the life of your favorite shoes.

The SECOND best friend is your Heel Shield if you drive. Do you vacuum your car mats everyday? AND, do your heels never touch the car mats? Header with Kate Spade  and Heel Shield in Use 137 If that is the case, then you may not need a Heel Shield.  But if you are like the rest of us – THEN, you NEED a Heel Shield

If you have mysterious black marks on the back of your right shoe, that can’t be repaired – you have Driver’s Black Heel.

I know a lot of ladies who think they are ruining their shoes on the office chair – NOPE!  Ladies it is not the chair, it is the driving. 

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