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The ‘SCARIEST’ Shoes Ever–In Honor of Halloween

by Heel Shields

There are the ballerina point shoes with a heel that seem really funky.  alexander_mcqueen_copy lobster clawAnd, there are the shoes where the heel is made to look like gum Kobi Levi Chewing gum sidewalkis stuck to the shoe or a lipstick tube.lipstick heel by Alberto Guardani from SHOESHOE FB page  There are also shoes that don’t even look like shoes or boots.  bizarre_black_shoes_copyAnd, we even had a post about an elevator shoe that wasn’t much of a shoe at all (in our opinion).  It was more like a personal step stool. 

But, this is the scariest shoe ever.  The entire bottom of this shoe is made of teeth. Apex Predator shoes with teeth That’s right – TEETH.  Or should I say dentures since they are false teeth, but teeth none the less.

Got dental floss anyone!

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